Research Better. Advertise Smarter.

Qualitative Research Produces Context

In order to advertise smarter, it’s crucial to understand your brand, it’s current status, and how it is perceived by your customers.

We've literally cornered the market by cornering consumers!

We conduct intercept interviews where your current and potential patients reside, work, and choose their healthcare providers. We hit the streets with a set of questions, customized for you and your needs.

We compile a short video that shows exactly what consumers think about your industry and what they know about your brand. This lets STA develop marketing messages, creative, and placements that are relevant to the company’s market.

Quantitative Research Produces Details

Being creative means we’re a little bit nerdy too. We love data. Compiling numerical data along with psychographic information gives us a complete picture of your audience. Once we understand their personalities, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles, we can create a plan and communicate with them more effectively.