Together we can do so much.


We are proud to be a small but mighty team.

Sean Tracey Associates is made up of Creative Directors and Thinkers, Video Producers and Editors, Researchers, Designers, Digital and Media Strategists, and Account Executives. We’re all a little bit different. We each have our area of specialty. But we pride ourselves on all being creatively driven. Each account and creative team is crafted for each client and project at hand and it’s common that everyone at STA lends a hand. At a small agency, we wear many hats, we support each other, and all jump in when it comes to creative brainstorming. One cohesive team, full of diverse expertise! And we’ve seen that this is how our best thinking and work happens.

Sean Tracey
Founder and Creative Director

Mark Combs
Creative Director

Adam Anghilante
Senior Account Manager

Laura McBrien
Media Director

Tricia Gulbrandsen
Client Relations Manager

Jeff Hochmuth
Video Producer

Dan Serafini
Music Composer / Writer

Jennifer McGibbney
Operations Manager

Lina Tracey

Bill Tracey